About Me

As a mother of three, I understand the struggle all so well. You want to have your picture taken, but you have bags under your eyes. You haven’t lost the baby weight. Your hair is a mess. You don’t have time to find the perfect outfit. Or, more accurate, you found them for everyone BUT you. Sound familiar? This is where I can help you. I will help you plan all the details of the session; help you plan the outfits (and we will start with yours!) and help you look and feel your absolute best. The time when the children are little goes so fast! In thirty years you are going to want to have pictures of you with your babies. You want to cherish this time, and embrace it. And your kids will also. I know that I look back on pictures of my loved ones almost daily and those pictures help me remember how much my grammy loved to bake with me; How much my youngest son looks exactly like I did as a baby. Pictures tell stories and capture moments in time so you can hold on just a little longer. I invite you to contact me so I can help you capture those moments.